Unlike many urgent care centers that are owned by large corporations and staffed by part-time providers, Neighborhood Medical Center is a family practice with extended hours. Our staff is experienced in treating a great variety of urgent care issues from upper respiratory infections and sore throats to pneumonia and rashes.

Because we maintain in house lab, x-ray and physical therapy we frequently manage injuries and lacerations. Neighborhood Medical Center has been established in the community for many years and has established strong ties to many of the areas top specialists. Patients benefit from these relationships because our expert’s advice is just a phone call away and this type of relationship is often key to ensuring a prompt patient referral. We offer great flexibility in our hours of operation (open 7days/nights per week). Appointments are welcome, but not required and patients are encouraged to visit us on a walk-in basis at their convenience. Patient wait times are generally short because we utilize a state of the art medical information system that streamlines the process and reduces the likelihood of errors often found in the medical industry.

We understand that our patient’s time is a valuable as ours, so our staff moves briskly through the office in order to get patients back to their busy day. In fact, our patients often comment and are amused by the speed at which the staff moves.

We offer a fantastic location at the corner of Beltline Road and Preston Road in North Dallas. Come by at your convenience. Visit our office and meet our friendly staff.

Laceration Repair

Lacerations are common, some of the complications that may indicate the need for medical closure include:

  • Continues to bleed after application of pressure for ten to fifteen minutes
  • Is more than one-eighth to one-fourth inch deep
  • Exposes fat, muscle, tendon, or bone
  • Causes a change in function surrounding the area of the laceration
  • Is dirty or has visible debris in it
  • Is located in an area where an unsightly scar is undesirable.


Lacerations are less likely to become infected if they are repaired soon after they occur. Many doctors will not repair a laceration that is more than eight hours old because the risk of infection is too great. If there is any question, consult a physician.

What are the benefits of x-rays?

  • A doctor may recommend a chest x-ray for a patient with shortness of breath, a bad or persistent cough, chest pain, or a chest injury.
  • A chest x-ray may also show advanced emphysema as well as other diffuse lung conditions, such as pulmonary fibrosis.
  • Lung cancers and tumors that spread to the lung may be visible on chest x-ray. However, lesions that are small or superimposed on normal structures may not always be visible.
  • Heart irregularities, such as fluid around the heart (pericardial effusion), an enlarged heart, or abnormal heart anatomy may also be visible on a chest x-ray.