The prevalence of overweight and obese Americans is approaching 60%. This prevalence exists in all socioeconomic groups and is a known contributor to cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, sleep apnea, cancer, and chronic musculoskeletal pain.

At Neighborhood Medical Center our providers understand that obesity is a very complex and difficult problem to treat. It is certainly not – as many lay persons believe – simply the product of the lack of will power on the part of the obese patient. Obesity has its roots in physiology, sociology as well as genetics. We understand the frustration of our overweight and obese patients and furthermore we realize that patients rarely come to us for help without having failed many times on their own to lose weight.

Our weight loss program combines counseling on basic dietary changes needed to lose weight as well as exercise hints and lastly pharmaceuticals if warranted. The initial evaluation by the clinician will include a physical exam and baseline labs. Most of our weight loss patients eventually use Adipex (phentermine) which is a stimulant that aids weight loss by suppressing hunger. While this medication is helpful in ones quest to lose weight, it is by no means a magic bullet. In order to receive refills on weight-loss medications our patients must agree to regular follow-up with close monitoring and adherence to incremental weight loss goals.

Success is obtainable with a concerted multi-faceted approach. We look forward to helping our patients in their quest to lose weight and live a more active and healthy lifestyle.