Women’s health issues can be complex. At Neighborhood Medical Center we offer a comprehensive array of services to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage many of the medical issues common to women. This is a family practice with extended hours. We are staffed with male and female providers and maintain in-house lab, x-ray and physical therapy for the convenience of our patients. Many of our female patients rely on us to provide them with “regular” medical services; this typically includes annual wellness exams (pap and breast exams), lab work and physicals. We manage patients on a variety of birth control methods and often assist with family planning issues.

We also treat patients for a variety of medical conditions more typically found in the female population; urinary tract infections, migraine headaches and fibromyalgia. Only within the last few years have the disorders of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome been recognized as true physiological disorders with specific diagnostic criteria and treatment protocols. Many of our patients report good improvement with these conditions with proper sleep hygiene, an individually tailored physical therapy/exercise routine and the proper medications. Such plans are easy to implement but should be preceded by a visit with a clinician to evaluate physical condition, collect a patient history and conduct a lab evaluation to rule out other possible causes for the patients’ symptoms.

Our weight management program is very popular among our female patients and many report good results soon after beginning. Additionally, many of our patients have been very happy with the Botox®/Juvederm™ treatments they have received in our office as has been reflected by their repeated treatments and kind referrals of family and friends. Of course we also treat a wide variety of acute medical conditions from pneumonia to acne and such diverse disorders as attention deficit disorder (ADD) and smoking cessation. Many area families rely on us because of our great service and staff. We also offer a fantastic location (corner of Belt Line Road and Preston Road in North Dallas) and convenient hours of operation (open 7 days/nights per week).

We are your one-stop-shop for women’s health and family medical needs. Come by at your convenience to visit and meet the staff.