Occupational Medicine

Unlike many medical offices that claim to do occupational medicine because they treat an occasional work related injury, at Neighborhood Medical Center we have been heavily involved in the occupational/industrial industry for years. Our experience is apparent from the top down.

Our administrative staff collects and disseminates information to employers, insurance carriers, specialists and third party administrators in a prompt and logical fashion. Our providers are well versed in the art of discerning valid work injuries from non-work injuries and recordable from non-recordable. Our medical director/owner, Dr. McElya, is in the office daily and involved in every aspect of the operation of Neighborhood Medical Center. He and the clinical staff provide not only high quality medical care, but offer the personal attention to patients that is often lost with large corporate “occ-med shops”. In fact, many of our occupational patients like our services so much, that they return and refer family members here for personal medical care.

Our friendly bilingual nursing staff is certified and experienced in providing a host of occupation services from drug screens to audiograms and x-rays to pulmonary function tests.

Much of the medical research done on injury recovery suggests that patients heal faster when they are encouraged to stay active. This concept has long been a cornerstone of our treatment approach at Neighborhood Medical Center. Our philosophy is that patients heal faster physically and emotionally if encouraged to return to a productive work status as soon as possible.

For years we have worked with companies large and small to provide a service tailored to their needs; some employers prefer a call from a provider with every employee injury, others prefer to be contacted only with a significant injury report.

At Neighborhood Medical Center we provide a full roster of occupational services including, but not limited to:

  • Drug screens (DOT, Non-DOT)
  • Pre-employment physicals
  • Physical Therapy (in house)
  • BAT (breath alcohol testing)
  • PFT (pulmonary function testing)
  • Respirator fit tests
  • Audiograms
  • Visual acuity testing (Titmus, Ishihara)
  • On-site services (drug screens, flu shots, back training)

Additionally, Neighborhood Medical Center has worked for years with local governments to supply medical services to their employees such as flu shots, medical screens and annual physicals.

Many employers rely on us because of our great service and staff. We also offer a fantastic location (In Dallas at Beltline and Preston) and the most extensive hours of operation in town (7days/nights per week) call or come by at your convenience and meet our staff.